- The Way to Home -

"Your conflicts, all difficult moments and problematic situations
in your life are not random or accidental.
They are simply yours.
They are specifically yours and for that reason designed
especially for you by a part of you that loves you more than anything else.
That part of you, who loves you more than anything else
has created obstacles leading you to YOURSELF.
You will not go in the right direction, unless you have something itching in your back and shouting to you : "please look in that direction."
This part of you loves you so much, that it doesn't want you to miss a chance.
It will resort to extreme ways to wake you up.
If you listen carefully, it will lead you to the original, primal suffering.
What else would she be doing?
Yet that is her goal"
A.H. Almaas

There was a time in my life when there was ”just too much”. Since a long time I had been falling down, though no one from outside would have suspected it. Sometimes I would hang on to something along the way, suspending for a moment, thinking that maybe I would stop here. In the end, however, I hit the bottom with my head hard enough, that when I woke up, I understood my situation. At that very moment, my true path began, coming out from this deep hole I stuck upwards, towards the light, towards my true nature.

Earlier there had been moments, flashes of understanding, but not intense enough to wake me up from the dream I was living in. Until then, I had managed to hurt myself and others many times, getting lost millions times, not understanding what was happening to me and at the same time, rejecting the whispers of my inner voice every time they had appeared. Suffering many times from a sense of injustice, loneliness, lack of my place on Earth and an unexplainable longing for something, I could not even name. Until that day came when I decided to "give up", give up all my beliefs, everything I had been sticking to for years. I sat on the balcony in the sunshine and decided that I was tired of fighting, searching, I just don't know what to do next or how to live. I closed my eyes and the sun wrapped me with its warmth, which slowly covered my whole body until it reached my heart and ... a miracle had happened. Here, at the heart, there was no fear, no uncertainty, no suffering, only just an unusual peace. I felt that in a reality I was that light and my heart knows everything, it knows all the answers. From that moment on, my whole life had changed.

I had never listened to the voice of intuition before but exactly at that very moment I set off for a journey to MYSELF, where the main guide turned out to be just her - my INTUITION. An internal compass, the operation of which I did not even know. What can happen on such a trip? You can guess ... First, I slowly began to learn how to use my compass in my daily activities. During taking every small decision I asked what I felt and checked if the answer came from my heart or from my belly - where fear has lived for years. In that way, day after day, I made a friendship with my new guide. I bought a whole lot of books related to spiritual development. Every morning I was immersed in meditation, soothing music, reading and writing morning pages that I learned about in one of the books. In the morning pages, I was giving a vent to all the feelings that had swirled inside me for years. I was looking at my life from a perspective and trying to understand - why something happened, what I had to learn and had I understood my lessons. At first, it was not easy at all, the mind and the ego were going crazy and sticking to the old patterns, explanations, sometimes blaming others, however on each day there was more and more acceptance and understanding ... and inner peace. I'm unable to express my gratitude for the first stage of my healing, for all the meditations, pains of my soul and body and finally the tears of happiness that appeared along with the feeling of finding the path to HOME ...

The next few months I spent on intense mental transformation. I began to notice an unusual synchronicity between my attitude and what was manifesting in my outside world. I was starting to understand and see why certain events occured in my life.I got to know my guide - intuition better, and soon I was going to make my first serious journey with her. As fall came, I met a men who had the same understanding of the world as I had. Two magical meetings and his plan to move to Spain. After his departure, I guessed what the Universe had prepared for me. An exam from all those painful lessons I've been going through over a dozen of years - trusting to myself and my intuition. So, within two weeks, I made a revolution in my life. I sold and gave away everything I had. Four days before departure I have had bought a ticket and as a result – I landed in Andalusia with a two suitcases. In this way, I signed up for a ship that sails across the turbulent waves of self growth, sometimes arriving at a quiet port for a while, but regardless of the weather conditions, I am safe on this journey, because I made my HEART the captain.

So if you ask me today if it was worthy starting this journey, I will answer 'YES', without any hesitation. And this is just the beginning, so I want to invite you to accompany me on this journey. I would like to share with you my travel notes, discoveries and topics that are important to me. Perhaps you will find here the content that will support or inspire you in your own trip.


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